2019 we will be busy with upgrades to the following- Your Donations will assist in finalising these projects! Thank you for those who have donated so far towards this project.

Project 2019 for LED Light for Browns Bay Racquets Club Tennis Courts 

Stage 1. Planning, demonstration and Surveying [Completed October 2018]

Stage 2. Survey information sent to Manufacturer. Electrical Contractor removal of old lights [To be completed in June 2019]

Stage 3. Lights manufactured, Electrical access with boom lift, 12 new Lumosa fittings installed along with Lumosa Touch system [to be completed in August 2019].

Total cost of project $55,000

Current Sponsors for this project

NZ Racing Board $12,500

Lion Foundation  $10,000


Project 2-  Recoating and upgrading of Squash Courts 1 to 4

This project will start June 2019 with each court individually being recoated. Then Lights to be replaced.

Quotes are pending and we wish to thank sponsors for assisting us.  Donations would be welcome to allow this project to be updated by the end of 2019

  • Hibiscus and Bays Local Board
  • Nick Wiles Building Solutions
  • Lion Foundation
  • New Zealand Racing Board
  • SGA
  • SBA
  • House of Travel
  • Double Dot Squash
  • Four Windsa
  • NZCT
  • Auckland Council
  • Pub Charity
  • Browns Bay Barfoot & Thompson