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Minutes of the Browns Bay Veterans Tennis Club 2018 Annual General Meeting

7 September 2018, 9 a.m. at the Browns Bay Racquets Club

Order of Business

  • Roll Call
  • Minutes
  • Annual Report

  • Financial Report for the year ended 1 September 2018

  • General Business

  • Election of the 2018-19 committee

Roll Call: Present: Rosemary Morrison, Peter Bosworth, Ann Ward, Joan Harbour, Jit Teng, Paula Carruthers, Peter Morrow, Liz Cordova, Judith Obery, Roy Harvey, Sue Atkins, Brockie King; new member Ronald McDonald; and visitors Ollie Hughes, Sprog Hughes, Susan Deeb, and George Deeb. Apologies: Rene Charsley, Ken Charsley, Marcia Clayton, David Shaw, and Robin Clerk.

Minutes of the AGM held 8 September 2017: As circulated, moved for approval by Peter Bosworth, seconded by Paula Carruthers, accepted by voice vote.

The Annual Report was given by Sue Atkins on behalf of the committee:

2017/18 Annual Update for Browns Bay Vets AGM 7 September 2018

The Browns Bay Friday Vets have made several changes in their way of doing things this past year.

With the departure of highly valued long-time leaders and participants last September, a new committee formed with new leadership well supported by loyal committee members.

Sue Atkins took over the role of chair and communicator, and Roy Harvey became treasurer. Jit Teng maintained his position as table duty roster coordinator, and Rene Charsley continued maintaining the Friday morning teas. Other committee members included Rosemary Morrison, Paula Carruthers, Peter Bosworth, Ken Charsley, and Robin Clerk. All met as needed, joined in discussions, made proposals, tested new procedures, and took on various roles. Other Friday tennis participants joined in these informal meetings, made suggestions, and offered to help out. Thank you, one and all!  

A key goal has been to find ways to make Friday tennis work as simply and efficiently as possible with the greatest possible enjoyment for all. We listened and agreed that we all want to have good games with little time wasted on or off the court. So how could we do that?

Several new procedures have been tried. As they have worked, they have been retained. If they seemed less than the best, other ways were tried. Well done with the new tricks, you old dogs!  

Most of the changes have simply involved how Fridays operate:

  1. We moved from having two people rostered on for Friday table duty to one to spread the time between the dates that individuals are rostered on to do that job.
  2. We want the table person to be able to join in play if possible, but we are still committed to the concept that the duty person should be the first to step OUT of the rotation of play on the day to ensure that others get the best games they can be given by the person on duty.
  3. We eliminated the separate role of a “bag” person and put those individuals on the table duty roster to spread the responsibility.

  4. We purchased a combination lock so that we didn’t need to “pass a key” to the next rostered person. The duty person comes by 8:45 a.m., opens the cupboard downstairs, sets out items for checking folks in, takes their money, sees that they get balls and start play. He/she also brings milk and sees the tea things upstairs have been set out (which Rene often does, but shouldn’t always have to). At the end of the morning, the table duty person puts balls and other items away, makes sure the treasurer has gotten the money or will know where it is, and makes sure the tea things are cleaned and locked away as well. Again Rene often takes care of things upstairs, but it’s really the table person’s responsibility to do so.

  5. We have tried several ways of organizing games on the day. We used to have the table person arrange the pairings and post them with players coming over between matches to see where their next court and partnership would be. Recently, we have had each court keep track of “winners and losers,” then shift or stay and split as called for after 20-25 minutes. This is still a “work in progress”, but it seems to ensure a speedy transition. It also means that the table person can play if the number of participants is fairly even and their arrivals and departures not too disruptive. Like our other changes, if someone has a suggestion to improve things, we can try it and see what we like.

  6. We do think everyone should share in Friday responsibilities if at all possible, so, if you are a regular attendee, please give Jit your name and contact details. It isn’t hard and makes everyone’s job easier.

Another significant change that Vets have joined in with enthusiasm is getting involved in social tennis on weekdays other than Fridays. It began when Wednesdays were opened to men players. Soon eager men and women Vets were joining in play on Wednesdays, and it has brought a fresh camaraderie among club members of various ages and stages. It has also benefitted BBRC that several Vets have joined the club at the “full midweek” member rate. Once they did so, the truly eager have instituted casual play on other weekdays as weather and court space allow. This has been good for the Vets and for the club, a win/win for us all.

One final area needs discussion: Guests pay $ 5.00, which goes to the BBRC, plus $1.00 to Vets. The rest of us pay $1.00 weekly into the Vets’ treasury. What do we want to do with our money? (See the treasurer’s report). Do we want to keep collecting the $1.00? Or do we give everyone a break? Do we want to BUY anything -- for the Vets to use at the club or for the club itself? Wednesday social does fundraising for things the club needs (benches, paint, etc.). How committed are we to seeing some improvements at BBRC?

Also, we may need a new treasurer, so consider your skills. The time commitment is not great, but you do need to be regular in gathering and maintaining our big bucks.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can make your experience with the BBRC Vets a better one, please speak up and step up.  

Sincerely, Sue Atkins for the committee (listed above)

Financial Report for the year ended 1 September 2018 was given by Roy Harvey:

Browns Bay Veteran's Tennis Club Treasurer's Report for y/e 1/9/2018

Financial Assets



Other Assets ...Tennis Balls

96 balls New Technofibre XLD...............................72 remaining (also 8 in current use)

Visitor's Fees

We have collected for the BBRC this year ...(62 x $5).......... $310


Total of $182 was paid out for tea / coffee, padlocks, presentation gifts, cards

(comprising $107...gifts for departing committee members; $44 for padlocks; $27 for tea and bikkies; other bits and bobs...cards....)

(Total money raised by the $1 fees.......................$501)

Submitted by Roy Harvey, BBRC Vets Treasurer

General Business:

The primary discussion was of the $1.00 collected each week and whether that should continue. Peter Bosworth moved, and it was seconded, that a $10.00 annual fee be levied on Vets’ members and that the $1.00 weekly fee no longer be collected. The proposal passed 7-5. Roy Harvey agreed to stay on as treasurer under this plan. Vets will continue collecting the Browns Bay visitors’ fee (currently $5.00) and turning it in to the BB manager.

To keep the meeting short, it was suggested that the Committee discuss what is to be done with the funds that Vets have collected and will collect in the future. Rosemary Morrison suggested the purchase of chairs for the lower viewing area as one possibility. Further discussion will be held.

Election of the 2018-19 Committee:

The committee is largely comprised of those who volunteer to serve and meet periodically. Most of the current committee, are willing to continue: Sue Atkins, Roy Harvey, Jit Teng, Rene Charsley, Peter Bosworth, Paula Carruthers. Peter Morrow said he would be happy to join the committee. Rosemary Morrison said she would like to stand down this year; her dependable work and ideas have been much appreciated. Rosemary suggested that Marcia Clayton might be willing to join (we will find out).

New members were then introduced and welcomed. It was noted that Robin Clerk has said he will no longer be able to continue his tennis. He will be much missed both on the committee and on the court.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

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